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Combining ease of use with a broad range of advanced features with high security standards, our digital signage content management system is one of the most advanced in the market. Our key customer segments target from individual owners (i.e. managing 1-3 individual screens), to building managements (i.e. manage a smaller network of 10-20 screens) to digital signage network operators (i.e. managing several 100 screens).

display playlist

Easy to use content management


Cloud-based or offline content management system. All standard image and movie formats are supported.  All contents can be restricted to dates, weekdays, times and locations. 

display layouts

50+ predefined display layouts


our system provides more than 50 predefined layouts both in portrait and in landscape format. Alternatively, new layouts can be easily created by our online display layout creator.

display remote management

> 99.9% availability

Using Google Cloud as our backend system, we can guarantee >99.9% availability of our service. All our displays can be managed remotely, including the setup and the remote support of the displays.

display users

Give access to third party users 


Our system allows to give access to 3rd party users, such as for example allowing a nearby restaurant to upload its daily promotions

elevator screen

Smart Power Management


In order to reduce your elecrticity bill and in order increase the lifetime of the LCD's, our system offers the possibility to turn off the LCD at given times of the day. In addition, in case of idle elevators, the LCD will automatically go into an idle mode

signage template

Use templates to easily publish texts


our content editor gives the possibility to easily publish text-tickers or messages on the screens

elevator screen offer

QR based Surveys and E-Coupons


With our integrated survey management system, and our e-coupon management system, you can easily create customer satisfaction surveys and analyze results based on customers native language

proof of content play

Proof of Play


Our content management system provides a proof of play for each content being displayed on the screen. Contents can be analyzed by date and location.

screen security

Cyber Security

Our system is highly secured against cyber-attacks. Uses can be enabled to do 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). All traffic between the cloud and screen is 256bit encrypted. On top, our system guarantees that the playlist cannot be compromised by fake contents.

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